The Donut Hustle

The Donut Hustle

excerpt from I Slept Through The American Dream

There were Helms bakery trucks around the neighborhood, blue and yellow trucks that would honk this odd noise to let you know they were iI slept through the American dreamn the area.  Swing open the back doors and big trays of doughnuts would appear.  For six cents you could get an apple fritter or a bear claw.  After school the Good Humor ice cream trucks would play their ice cream song and we would get a nutty-buddy or 50/50 bar (they call them dream-sickles now).  We were eating all the time.

helmsEventually the school cracked down, calling the Helms Company and banning their trucks from the school area and anyone seen with a white bag would fall under heavy suspicion.  But for me that became a game of cat and mouse and I enjoyed playing.

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