I Slept Through The American Dream

I Slept Through The American Dream
Genre: Autobiography
Publication Year: 2015
Format: Paperback or ebook
Length: 380 pages
ASIN: 1511594462
ISBN: 1511594462

Written and lived by D. Waters

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About the Book

I Slept Through The American Dream starts out innocently enough, in a vacant lot while sharing dreams with his neighborhood cohorts. At an early age D. Waters picked the fun corner over the no fun corner. The vacant lot eventually became a LOCALS ONLY territorial beach. Along with surfing, the elements of petty crimes were introduced into his life, and he couldn’t be happier about it. His friends related to him as well as he did to them. Thinking outside the box, yet knowing how the box thinks was his mindset, so as the vacant lot expanded, so did the fun corner. The introduction of narcotics, along with felonies replacing the misdemeanors of his youth D. Waters started shaping into an individual that would not accept substitutes on what he defined as a key to his life. This book leads the reader on an adventurous ride through the streets and neighborhoods of his hometown in Southern California, while introducing characters as well as making the reader feel a part of every prank, every crime and eventually every bank robbery. But with picking the fun corner comes consequences for having this freedom from life’s guiding principles. Leavenworth Penitentiary was considered the worst prison in the nation at the time and became the setting for the new fun corner in D. Waters’ life. This is where most people step away from that once corner of fun, but that is not the case. In reading I Slept Through The American Dream, the audience can feel the handcuffs and leg shackles as they read about adventures ranging from the ironic to the horrific and feel trapped in the prison walls where there are no timeouts. But through this madhouse of abstract life, the character of D. Waters remains true to himself, as well as to his loyal friendships, keeping the fun corner his domain but at the same time, freedom takes a back seat to survival where human characteristics are replaced with primal animal instincts.

A portion of the proceeds from the book will go to furnishing copies to youth facilities and correctional institutions.

I could not put it down! D. Waters has an extraordinary gift of storytelling, I was so hooked! Reading his words, I was there with him, laughing, holding my breath, cheering him on and sometimes shedding a tear. I'm convinced this book will bring perspective, gratitude and a lot of laughs to all who get the opportunity to read it. I'm going to need two copies because this is one I have to share, but I won't part with mine. I hope he writes another.
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